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Spital Hill
Ten minutes from the A1 Spital Hill is a wonderfully relaxing stopover.
Robin & Ann Clough
Spital Hill
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Food at Spital Hill

Place Setting

Eating out and in is one of our major pleasures.

Our cooking philosophy is to let the main ingredient speak for itself however elaborate the dish; start with the best available ingredients; and to make it ourselves. Thus many of the vegetables served are home grown; all bread is hand baked by us; we only ever serve dry cured bacon usually from Woodalls of Waberthwaite who have a reputation as one of the best curers in the UK;

The range of dishes served makes it impossible to label the cuisine. Our two favourite main courses are both traditional English Roast Sirloin, and we mean sirloin i.e. the fillet and contre fillet cooked on the bone with the delicious gravy and our own grown horseradish sauce (no blocked sinus after that!), and pot roasted grouse served off the bone on a crouton with liver pate accompanied by bread sauce (yes, using our own bread), bacon, breadcrumbs and the macedoine of onion, celery and apple on which the birds were roasted. Both these dishes would be accompanied by at least four vegetables. Running these favourites a close second would be a French dish, noisette of lamb, served on a slightly garlicky potato puree and accompanied by a parcel of green beans.

The four course meal could start with Watercress Soup and home baked rolls, or roasted stuffed peppers with our own focaccia, or figs wrapped in pancetta and roasted, and in season our own asparagus always served with melted seasoned butter and granary bread. On Sundays the starter is Yorkshire Pudding with which you will be offered a complimentary glass of white wine; a roast follows this traditional starter.

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Desserts can range from Fredy Giradet's classic lemon tart with crisp thin pastry, accompanied by our own ice cream, or the same ice cream with Pedro Ximinez sherry, or a simple posset with shortbread, or a complex bavarois en rubane; for many guests what is most appreciated are proper puddings e.g. Queens or Sussex Pond.

However before we serve puddings you will be offered at least four local cheeses with soda bread baked while you are eating to provide the excuse for just a little more wine to be drunk.

To complete the picture pre-dinner drinks are accompanied by a selection of canap�s featuring home made pates, Mr Woodall's Cumberland Sausage (for which he holds the Royal Warrant) and perhaps quail eggs and invariably succulent marinated olives, and to end there is coffee and a range of leaf teas and other infusions together with home made fudge.

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If you have any likes, dislikes or 'no goes' please let us know when booking and we will either prepare something specially for you or adjust the set menu.

The cost of this feast? £29.00

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